Laser Cutting Machine Technology How To Deal With Burrs?-Anne

Laser Cutting Machine Technology How To Deal With Burrs?

Fiber Laser cutting machine processing sheet metal burr what is the reason?Here we give you a simple analysis.

The working principle of fiber laser cutting machine, analysis of the resulting burr causes and solutions.

First, the focus of the beam position deviation.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution:adjust the focus position, according to its offset position to adjust


Second, the output power of the machine is not enough.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Check whether the fiber laser cutting machine works properly. If not normal, it needs to repaire and maintain machine in time. If normal, check whether the output value is correct or not.


Three, the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is too slow–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: timely adjust and improve the speed of wire cutting


Four, the purity of the auxiliary gas of the fiber laser cutting machine is not enough.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: improve the purity of the auxiliary gas


Five, the cutting point of the laser beam of the cutting machine has shifted.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: focus debugging, timely adjustment


Six, laser cutting machine operation time is too long to produce instability–fiber-laser-cutting-machine

Solution: close the machine, restart and let the machine rest


The main reason of burr in laser cutting machine.when the laser cutting machine is working the workpiece, the laser beam irradiates the high energy produced on the workpiece surface,

so that the workpiece surface vaporization rapidly, and evaporation, to achieve the purpose of cutting. But there is a core device, we must attach importance to auxiliary gas.

The auxiliary gas is when the workpiece surface irradiation after gasification, blew the slag on the surface of workpiece,If the auxiliary gas is not used, the slag will be cooled and the burr will be formed on the cutting surface.

This is the main reason for burr formation

Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself, as well as the parameter setting factors, all customers after the purchase of laser cutting machine, must be professional operators debugging equipment.

So it’s important to choose a quality factory with good after-sale service .

Solution to burrs in sheet metal processing by laser cutting machine;

1.must be equipped with air compressor, the use of auxiliary gas to cut.

2.Find a professional operator debug laser cutting machine parameters until normal.


Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for new business – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for new business

In recent years, laser cutting machine has developed rapidly, especially fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine is a relatively easy to control industrial processing equipment. It has the greatest advantage of fast cutting and high production efficiency. Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for new business.

No matter what kind of parts can be used, the metal fiber laser cutting machine is a precise rapid processing. But also has a high degree of automation, simple operation. Low labor intensity. Good economic benefits.

The future of fiber laser cutting machine market is a diversified market ups and downs.

To focus on the fiber laser cutting machine market, mainly to enhance and change in product quality. And Dr. light laser deeply aware of the important improvement and change in the long ago. And in order to meet the growing needs of people. For this demand, XT LASER began vigorously laser science and technology innovation, independent research and development mode transformation in the production technology to increase internal technical personnel. And  improve the performance and quality, but also pay attention to the accumulation of experience and technology. Time for the majority of the interests of users, make the greatest efforts to provide the best quality service. And experience for customers to bring more revenue for customers.

Unique advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:

1. Excellent beam quality: focus spot smaller, cutting lines finer, higher efficiency, better processing quality.
2. Extremely high cutting speed: 2 times as much as CO2 laser cutting machine of the same power.
3. High stability: using the world’s top imports of fiber laser, stable performance, the key components can reach up to 100 thousand hours.
4. High electro-optic conversion efficiency: fiber laser cutting machine than CO2 laser cutting electromechanical light conversion efficiency 3 times, energy saving and environmental protection.
5. Very low use cost: the power consumption of the whole machine is only 20-30% of the same CO2 laser cutting machine.
6. Very low maintenance costs: no laser working gas; optical fiber transmission, no need to reflect the lens; can save a lot of maintenance costs.
7. Convenient operation and maintenance: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path.

8. Super flexible light guide effect:

compact size, compact structure, easy to flexible processing needs.
9. Machine tool Longmen double drive structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, can withstand higher speed and acceleration.
10. The imported AC servo system drive and import drive system, machine movement mechanism imported gear drive, linear guide, to ensure the high speed, high precision, high reliability.
11. Rack and rail adopt full seal protection device, to prevent oil free friction movement and dust pollution, improve the transmission parts life, ensure the accuracy of machine tool movement.
12. Professional laser cutting machine CNC control system, computer operation, can guarantee the cutting quality, make cutting work more convenient, operation is more simple.


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How To Choose Laser Cutting Machine Lens?-Anne

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine lens?

Protective lenses, as the name suggests, is used to prevent dust and slag splash, protect the focus lens.-fiber laser cutting machine

Other than those used in fiber laser cutting machines.

they are also necessary for other laser equipment including laser marking,laser welding and laser engraving . Visible, the application of protective lenses market is very large.

Select the laser cutting machine lens protection three steps-fiber laser cutting machine

1) Overall dimensions match, this is easy to understand;

2) Materials, according to different laser power, consider the use of can choose K9, quartz, in the practical application process,

professional manufacturers  divide into two types of material into multiple levels.customers can choose the appropriate specifications according to actual needs.

3)Coating, laser antireflection film, according to the use of different coating technology parameters.

Although the protective lens of fiber laser cutting machine is vulnerable parts,

in order to improve its utilization rate and reduce the production cost.

You can clean the lens by regular cleaning, to achieve the purpose of recycling,

Here are three cleaning steps summarized by XT LASER:

1)Protective lens material is ZnS (zinc arsenic), more brittle, afraid of falling.-fiber laser cutting machine

Pay attention to when dismantling: can not be too hard, can not collide with hard object.

Anti-reflective film on the surface, afraid of pollution, afraid of wet, afraid of oily, afraid of scratch.

It is required in the work to provide dry, to the oil air, do not directly handle laser cutting machine lens protection lenses, because the skin will have a permanent fat on the lens surface damage.

Instead, you can work with gloves and its special kit, and for smaller lenses, optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers are more convenient.

No matter what method to clip the laser cutting machine to protect the lens,must follow the non optical surface clamping,  such as the frosted edges on the mirror plaque.

2)Under normal circumstances, before and after cleaning are required to check the laser cutting machine to protect the lens.

Because most of the contaminants and surface defects are relatively small in size, we often need to magnify the equipment when examining the lenses.

In addition to enlarging the equipment, sometimes we need to illuminate the optical surface with a brighter beam of light, enhancing the specular reflection of surface contaminants and defects, making it easier to spot contaminants and defects.

3)When cleaning a laser cutting machine to protect the lens, often use a clean wipe paper and optical grade solvent to prevent damage by other pollutants.

Use wet wipe the paper , do not dry to use.

In the softness of the consideration, the available wipe paper is cotton Webril wipe paper or cotton ball, lens paper, and cotton applicator applicator.




3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (2)-Catherine

3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (2)

Characteristics of 3D robot fiber laser cutting machine

3D Robot fiber laser cutting machine

3D Robot fiber laser cutting machine

1. Flexible high, especially suitable for small batch of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting

Its high flexibility mainly manifest in two aspects:

First, the adaptability of the material is strong, laser cutting machine through the NC program can basically cut any plate.
Second, the processing path controll the program, if the processing object changes.

Only the modified procedures, this point in trimming, cutting holes is evident. Because the trimming die and the punching die for different parts of the processing and the high cost of mold incapable of action. So that the 3D laser cutting to replace and repair the side mold and punching die trend.

Generally speaking, the fixture design and the use of three-dimensional machining is more complex. But the laser processing of the processed plate without mechanical processing force, which makes the fixture production has become very simple. In addition, if a laser device equip with different hardware and software. It can realize a variety of functions.
In a word, in the actual production, 3D laser cutting has obvious advantages in improving product quality. Production efficiency, shortening product development cycle, reducing labor intensity and saving raw materials. Therefore, despite the high cost of equipment, one-time investment. There are still a lot of domestic cars, aircraft manufacturers purchase 3D laser processing machine. Some colleges and universities have also purchased the corresponding equipment for scientific research. 3D laser technology is in our country manufacturing industry is playing an increasingly important role.

2. Fiber laser cutting robot advantages and disadvantages contrast

First, replace five axis machine tool with industrial robot. Both of them can be used to describe the spatial trajectory and realize three-dimensional cutting.

The repeated positioning accuracy of the industrial robot is slightly lower than that of the five axis machine tool. About 100um. But it can fully meet the precision requirements of the automobile sheet metal panel and chassis industry. The industrial robot greatly reduces the cost of the system, reduces the cost of power system and system operation and maintenance costs. And reduces the area of the system.

Second, compared with traditional laser, fiber laser has better cutting quality. Lower system cost. Longer service life. Lower maintenance cost and lower power consumption.

The key point is that the laser of fiber laser can transmit through optical fiber. Which is easy to connect with industrial robot and realize flexible processing.

Third, the only defect of the system is that only metal workpieces can machine and non metal workpieces can not machine.

This is because the system uses a fiber laser, its wavelength is 1064nm. Relative to the wavelength of 10640nm CO2 laser, it is not easy to absorb the non-metallic workpiece reasons.

Fourth, by using a combination of industrial robot and fiber laser processing, trimming and punching process once completed.

Neat incision without re treatment after the process, greatly shorten the process, reduce the labor cost and tooling cost investment, improve product quality and added value. The off-line programming software is selected, the cutting path is directly generated by numerical simulation, and the complex manual teaching is abandoned. It is more suitable for the small batch and multi batch maintenance market, new product trial and non-standard customization and other personalized cutting needs.

Fifth, advanced fiber laser technology and digital control technology perfect fusion, represents the most advanced laser cutting machine.

Control system, professional computer laser cutting operation, to ensure the quality of cutting, the cutting work more convenient, more simple operation; configuration of intelligent manipulator, which can realize 3D cutting, easy manipulation, a high degree of intelligence, high speed, high precision and high reliability of equipment; laser cutting head configuration of imported laser cutting head, sensitive and accurate, effective coordination with the manipulator, cutting head and processing plate collision avoidance, and can guarantee the cutting focus position, ensure the quality of cutting stability; laser cutting head can withstand 1.0MPa gas pressure, pressure gas equipment, improve the cutting ability of stainless steel and other hard cutting materials.

3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (1) – Catherine

3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (1)

3D Robot fiber laser cutting machine includes special fiber laser cutting head, high precision capacitance tracking system, fiber laser and industrial robot system. And it is an advanced cutting equipment with multi angle and multi direction flexible cutting for metal plates of different thickness. So 3D robot laser cutting equipment is widely used in metal processing, mechanical manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing and so on, the production of 3D workpiece processing needs.

Principle of 3D laser cutting

Produced by laser after laser by mirror transmission through aggregation mirror irradiate processing items, so that the processing of goods (surface) by strong heat and temperature increased dramatically, so that the point due to high temperature melting or vaporization rapidly, with the trajectory of the laser head so as to achieve the purpose of processing.

Characteristics of 3D laser cutting

Processing speed

Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: according to the workpiece material, workpiece thickness and selection of laser power varies
Robot + fiber laser: according to the workpiece material, thickness and selection of laser power size, such as 1.5mm thick steel 200W laser, up to 5m/min

Laser maintenance cost

Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: charging He, Ne, CO2, etc., totaling 30 yuan /h
Robot + fiber laser: no inflatable, life up to 100 thousand H
System power consumption /kW
Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: about 30
Robot + fiber laser: less than 6

Cooling method

Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: water-cooled, bulky
Robot + fiber laser: air cooled below 400W, water cooled above 400W, compact in size
The system covers an area of /m2
Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: 50~100
Robot + fiber laser: less than 10

Auxiliary oxygen cost

Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: according to the workpiece material, workpiece thickness varies
Robot + fiber laser: such as 2mm carbon steel, oxygen consumption of about 15 yuan /h
Off line programming software
Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: can
Robot + fiber laser: Yes
Repeatability positioning accuracy
Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: less than 50um
Robot + fiber laser: less than 100um

Processing range

Five axis machine tool + CO2 laser: metal and nonmetal
Robot + fiber laser: Metal

Selection of optical fiber

According to the different thickness of sheet metal, the fiber laser with different power, power cutting fiber laser is generally divided into 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W and 1000W and other specifications of different power lasers; equipped with different cooling system, to ensure the normal operation of the laser. At the same time, according to the working radius of the manipulator and the size of the workpiece to choose the appropriate length of operation of the fiber laser transmission to meet customer cutting requirements.

Requirements for auxiliary gases

The auxiliary gas used in the three dimensional fiber laser cutting machine is 99.99% oxygen, which is very helpful to the cutting accuracy, speed and cutting section effect.

More information will show in the next blog.


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New application of fiber metal laser marker-Jennifer

New application of fiber metal laser marker

Following people’s focus on product quality, quality control requires the ability to follow the production process and process. As a kind of method of accurate stalking quality information. The demand of fiber laser marking machine is expanding. With the laser marking skills of sophistication and development. In recent years, laser marking pioneer many new methods and new use.

New application in Four fields

First, shallow groove marking. The shallow groove marking is the superficial groove mark in the material appearance. Marking too deep will result in damage to the data surface. Such as the depth of the marking of the IC package casing is necessary to control the size of several microns. Generally use laser marking method instead of engraving machine and seal machine.

Second, deep groove marking. Deep groove marking refers to the depth of the data in the form of the imprint, the primary use of metal data processing. It is generally used to make the material surface melting, transpiration or repeated scanning the same part of the deep groove. This method of laser can replace the conventional etching process.

Third, black (oxidation) marking. Black marking is a symbol that oxidizes the appearance of the data to black. Marking of metal and mechanical parts commonly used in steel. Black marking is also suitable for the attention of the visual recognition of iron, stainless steel and silicon wafer and other data marking.

Forth, Melt marking. The melting marking can mark on the surface of the molten material. For example, in the dust-free silicon wafer fabrication process. Only the surface of the material is fused without damaging the interior. So it is necessary to manipulate the dust generated by the laser when marking.

By using the above four new methods, we are taking the optical fiber laser marking the premise, can effectively control the quality of products, can foresee that in 2017, the fiber laser marking machine will become more competitive in the market products, will also face the increasingly fierce competition.

Confirming the cutting quality of fiber metal laser cutting machine-Jennifer

Today, we are going to share the tips, including the fiber metal laser cutting machine’s quality.

1. Roughness in fiber metal laser cutting machine

Laser cutting cross-section will form vertical lines. The depth of the grain determines the cutting surface roughness. The lighter the grain, the more smooth cutting section. Roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, but also affects the friction characteristics, in most cases, the need to reduce the roughness, so the lighter the grain, the higher the cutting quality.

2. Vertical degree

How the thickness of the sheet metal exceeds 10mm, the vertical degree of cutting edge is very important. As far away from the focus, the laser beam becomes divergent, and the cutting is widened toward the top or bottom according to the position of the focus. The cutting edge deviates from the vertical line a few millimeters, the edge is perpendicular, the cutting quality is higher.

3. Cutting width

Incision width generally does not affect the cutting quality, only in the part of the formation of a particularly precise contour, cutting width is important, this is because the cutting width determines the profile of the smallest internal, when the thickness of the sheet increases, cutting width also increases. So to ensure the same high accuracy, regardless of the width of the incision, the workpiece in the laser cutting machine processing area should be constant.

4. Grain

When cutting thick plates at high speed, the molten metal does not appear in the incision below the vertical laser beam, but it is sprayed out at the back of the laser beam. As a result, the curved lines formed at the edge of the cutting, the veins tightly followed the moving laser beam, in order to correct the problem, the cutting process at the end of the lower feed rate, you can greatly eliminate the line.

5. Burr

The formation of burrs determines the quality of laser cutting a very important factor, because the burr removal requires extra work, so the severity of the burr and how much can be intuitive to judge the quality of cutting.

6. Material deposition

The laser cutter encounters a special oil-containing liquid on the workpiece surface before starting the melting hole. Gasification and various, the material does not use the customer to blow the cut with the wind, but the upward or downward discharge will also form deposition on the surface.

7. Depression and corrosion

Pitting and corrosion have an adverse effect on the surface of the cutting edge and affect the appearance. They appear in the usual cutting error that should have been avoided.

8. Heat-Affected areas

In laser cutting, the area near the incision is heated. At the same time, the structure of the material changed. For example, some materials can harden. The heat-affected zone refers to the depth of the area in which the internal structure changes, and the lower the depth, the better in fiber metal laser cutting machine.

9. Deformation

If the cutting makes the parts heated up sharply, it will deform. This is particularly important in fine-grained processing, where the outlines and connectors are usually only a few millimeters wide. The control of laser power and the use of short laser pulses can reduce the heat of parts and avoid deformation.
Metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine