Fiber laser stainless steel cutting machine – Jennifer

Fiber laser stainless steel cutting machine is the cutter, using the optical laser source generator.  Fiber laser source use the CNC system’s moving to realize the automatic cutting. It’s cutting speed is fast and cutting precision is high. Fiber laser cutting machine can cut the normal metal surface, and can also cut the angle cutting. It’s cutting edge is flat and smooth. This machine will be used in the metal cutting processing in metal plate. Meanwhile, by adding the robot arm, it can realise the 3D laser cutting to replace the advanced 5 axis laser. Compared with the normal CO2 laser cutter, fiber laser cutter is more space-saving & gas-consumption. Photoelectric conversion rate is high. It is the new environmetal protection products. And it’s also one of the most advanced products in the world in the fiber laser stainless steel cutting machine.

The advantages of fiber laser cutter, when compared with the CO2 laser cutting machine

Firstly.High quality laser beam: the focus laser spot is more thicker. The cutting line is more accurate. The working efficiency is more high. The processing quality is better.

Secondly.High cutting speed: It is the 2 times of CO2 laser cutter under the same power

Thirdly.High stability: By using the advanced laser source, it’s performance is more stable. The key part’s lifetime is about 100000 hours.

4. High photoelectric conversion rate. Fiber laser cutting machine’s photoelectric conversion rate can reach to 30%. It is the 3 times of CO2 laser cutting machine. It is more environmetal.

5.Low using cost: The whole power consumption only takes the 20-30%, compared with the same CO2 laser cutting machine.

6.Low maintenance cost: there is no need the laser source working gases. By consumption with laser,  no need the reflective mirror.  It can save a lot of maintenance cost;

7.Easy operation and maintenance: No need to adjust the laser path, and it passed by the fiber laser.

8.High Flexible light guide effects: compact structure.

Advantage of Mopa Fiber Laser Marker Machine- Tulsa

Advantage of Mopa Laser Marker Machine– Tulsa

Because of laser machine industry develop fast and fast, laSer marking machine is devide many type.

For example, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, Mopa fiber laser marking machine.

If you want to marking on crystalm or glass, you can choose UV and green fiber laser marking machine.

So according to customer different demand, you need different machine.

Mopa laser marker machine have many advantage compared with fiber laser marking machine.

Let us introduce to you, please follow to learn more.

No.1 Stainless steel color marking

Mopa is the only one to marking color in laser marking machine.

Please check the photo below, it’s beautiful, right?

Besides it can deep marking on stainlesss steel like fiber laser marking machine.

Of course, you need to use high power, 20w is just can marker, liker fiber laser marking machine.

Mopa laser maker machine will do better.

No.2 plastic marking

As we all known, fiber laser marking machine is used in metal marking and a part of plastic marking.

But mopa laser marker machine have many advantage in plastic marking.

Mopa can mark almost all plastic and will mark well. We deal many customer in US.

Many customer  need to marking logo on stainless steel.

Besides, if you adjust parameter well, you can made art production, too.

No.3 Durable

Because of fiber laser marking machine is used width, not very many people know that machine.

Mopa price is a little expensive than fibe rlaser marking machine, but it have many advantage.

Hope you can get these information, and have more experience in choose laser machine.

Mopa fiber laser marker machine will be used in more and more industry.

So it will develop more and more fast, hope we can do better and better in this area.

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Rapid development of fiber laser cutting machine-Max

This article shows the the fast development of fiber laser cutting machine.

As laser technology develops rapidly,  fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market in the global.

Laser cutting machine is not only used in the emerging field, but also in the field of traditional machining. It has replaced the traditional inefficient machine tools, such as plasma, flame cutting, water cutting, band sawing, wire cutting, shearing machine, punching machine and so on. It is really an unbelievable market.
① The world’s machine ownership about 20 million units, plasma, flame cutting, water cutting, band sawing, wire cutting, shears, punching, etc. will not be less than one-tenth. It is around 200 million units;
② China’s domestic sales of laser cutting machine in 2017 is more than 6,000 units.

Following is the 3mm aluminium fiber laser cutting video.



laser growth of fiber laser cutting machine

From the market growth analysing, we can know that the laser market is the fastest growing one in the next five years. And high power fiber laser with kilo watt level will be much more popular. And the lasers have obvious advantages. It is widely used in kind of metal processing industry. Especially it plays an important role in metal processing field in future. That is to say the world of lasers will have a huge demand. Also fiber lasers will maintain a steady growth rate.

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With the high number of manufactured parts used in most industrial applications, the need for parts identification has increased ten-fold over the past 30 to 50 years. This has given rise to the practice of direct part marking, which is the process of permanently marking parts to enable users to track them throughout their life cycle. The most common marks used to identify industrial parts are barcodes and data matrix codes, which are cut, engraved or stamped onto the parts. Laser marking technology is a popular method used for marking parts today.

2D Matrix Codes

A two-dimensional matrix code, also called a 2D Code, consists of black and white cells set up in a square or oblong shape. These symbols represent bits of data, with the black lines indicating a “1” and the white spaces indicating a “0” – the two digits used in data storage. The matrix can store up to 2,335 characters, including both letters and numbers, which are encod onto the bits.


The codes are salable, meaning that they can be etch onto metal in very small

sizes such as 2 or 3 square millimeters with laser engraving equipment.

This makes them the perfect option for direct part marking, such as their use in labeling small electronic components.

Readable Barcodes

Barcodes come in one- and two-dimensional options. The linear or one dimensional barcode represents data through the varied width and spacing of parallel lines. Two-dimensional barcodes use rectangles, dots,

hexagons and other geometric patterns and symbols that are machine readable using

computers, smart phones and barcode scanners.

They are use in direct part marking mainly for the purpose of tracking data on manufactured components. The marks are laser engrave on the components for purposes such as:

Lowering manufacturing costs through loss control
Quality assurance
Compliance with government regulations and industry standard

We will continue this topic.


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Stainless Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Decoration Industry-Anne

Stainless Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Decoration Industry

Fiber laser cutting machine application

As a result of strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, the surface not fade over time,Fiber laser cutting machine

the color with the angle of light having different color changes and other characteristics, stainless steel is used in decorative engineering industry.

For example, in a variety of top clubs, public recreation places and other local decoration,

curtain wall, hall wall, elevator decoration, signs advertising, front screens and other decorative materials applications material is stainless steel .

However, the stainless steel plate made of stainless steel products is a very complex technical process.-fiber laser cutting machine

The production process requires a lot of processes, such as cutting, folding, bending, welding and other mechanical processing.

Among them, the cutting process is a more important process.-fiber laser cutting machine

There are many kinds of stainless steel cutting traditional processing method, but low efficiency, poor quality of molding and seldom meet the needs of mass production.

At present, the stainless steel laser cutting machine – fiber laser cutting machine used in the metal processing industry

because of its good beam quality, high precision, small slit, smooth cut, flexible cutting graphics, etc., in the decoration industry is no exception.

Here we take a look at the stainless steel laser cutting machine in the decorative industry applications.

Fiber laser cutting machine is constantly improve the high-tech, information technology.

Relative to the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, laser cutting is another revolution, resulting in a huge promoting role for stainless steel decoration engineering industry.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, the technology will play an increasingly important role, and bring huge economic benefits.

Exhibition of fiber laser cutting system-Angelina

Exhibition of fiber laser cutting system

More and more fiber laser cutting system manufactures would like to attend the overseas exhibition.

As a mature manufacturer in the fiber laser industry, our company has attended many exhibitions.

Among the exhibitions, most of them are overseas exhibition.

This passage will introduce some exhibitions we attend before.

First of all, it is the EMO exhibition in Germany.

We attend the exhibition in the October, bringing the fiber laser cutting machine into the exhibition.

fiber laser cutting system

Our cutting machine is popular among the Germany market.

We brought the 1300*900 mm working area fiber laser cutting system into the exhibition.

We sell all of the machine after the exhibition.

fiber laser cutting system

The fiber laser cutting machine is popular among the European market.

Many customers ask for this kind of machine from us.

And cause the fiber laser cutting machine price of foreign supplier is expensive than the Chinese.

Therefore, more and more customer would like to choose buy from us.

Besides,we also attend some developing countries exhibition.

Such as India, Vietnam and so on.

In fact, we all know that the fiber laser cutting system is popular among the  Indian market.

There are many metal industry in the India, so most of the customer are in need of this machine.

Some suppliers see the business potential  in this industry, most of them turn to us for cooperation.

fiber laser cutting system

We attended two exhibitions in India last year.

That is the Laser world Photonics and Mediatech exhibition.

Both of fiber laser cutting machine and fiber laser marker are sold out on the exhibition.


Besides, we also attend the Vietnam exhibition, bringing the fiber laser marking machine.

The machine is sold in the first day.

We teach the customer how to cooperate the machine and how to use the software.

They are satisfied with our service.


Air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine – June

Air compressor  of fiber laser cutting machine

Air compressor of  fiber laser cutting machine

As we all know .Compressor  widely used in the laser cutting machine industry, one of the auxiliary equipment.

For Screw air compressor of the laser cutting machine determine the laser cutting machine cut out of the product quality.

(1).Air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine

The importance  of  Air compressor  in  the fiber  laser cutting machine processing field.

When  Laser cutting machine in the processing, we must use shielding gas.Air should simple and economical air protection gas.

However , what is the role of air compressor ? it is part of the compressed air.

which with high purity oxygen and  nitrogen composition cutting gas provided to the cutting head.

A part of which is used as a power source for the cylinder of the clamping table

And  also a part is used to purge the optical path system.

After the compressed air discharged from the air passes through the gas tank,  through the dryer and then enters the air-conditioner cabinet.

While  the processing system, into a clean dry gas.

Eventually divided into three gases , as a cutting gas, cylinder power source and the light path of positive pressure dust gas to maintain the normal operation of the laser cutting machine.

To make a conclusion ,Air compressor are very important to  each laser cutting equipment。

it  not only save cost but also easy to operate  .

(2)Fiber  laser cutting machine( air compressor)  maintenance:

1. Air filter cartridge.

Under normal circumstances every 500 hours to clear the air filter element surface .

check every 2000 hours need to replaced.

According to dust content.Inspection or replacement cycle can  extended or shortened

2,.intake valve seals.

In the laser cutting machine , if the air compressor works up to  4000 hours,need to check the seal condition, if necessary, need  replaced.

3. compressor oil.

If you keep an oil air compressor .

Every 1000 hours need check oil content however it need to  replace the new oil after 4000 hours

4.oil filter.

Every 2000 hours to replace a new piece.

Otherwise the oil will make a influence of the cutting effect

5, oil and gas separator.

Every 4000 hours need to  replaced a new piece.

because for oil-air compressors, the oil-water separator function: separates the oil from the moisture in the air and therefore accumulates over a long period of time and can affect the filtration efficiency without the need to replace or clean the oil-water separator

6.Pressure valve.

Clean every 4000 hours, and check whether  the opening pressure is normal.

7, safety valve.

Every 4000 hours to check whether the action is sensitive.

8. drive belt.

To adjust the degree of tightness every 2000 hours, every 4000 hours to check the wear and tear, according to wear and tear decide whether or not to replace.

9.Motor maintenance.

According to the motor instruction manual for maintenance.


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air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine

air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine


5 Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Angelina

5 Uses of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This mail will give some introduction of fiber laser cutting machine.

Fabric lasers are a type of solid state laser with best beam quality.

The beam diameter of the fiber is smaller than on CO2 resulting in finer details in work.

Fiber laser cutting machines are 100 times stronger than gas laser machine.

Due to its set of great features ,fiber laser cutting system find their use in wide range of applications.

fiber laser cutting machine

 1.5 uses of fiber laser cutting machine:

First of all,Medical devices.

Medical field cannot imagine its present and future without fiber laser cutting machine.

From cutting small components for really complex medical devices to laser surgeries performed on human tissues.

The fiber laser cutting finds large application in the medical field.

fiber laser cutting machine sample

Secondly, the Jewelry.

Jewelry manufacturers were in desperate need of a reliable and cost effective technology.

This can provide precise cutting, superior edge quality.

Besides, it is able to cut complex shapes and high production ability in less time.

A fiber laser cutting system fulfilled all these requirements .

Thirdly, it is Automotive.

The automotive industry is huge and developing every second.

Use of Fiber Laser cutting machines makes it easier for this industry to cope with everyday advancement in design and technology.

Because these machines are excellent for cutting smaller and complicated components.

Also cuts hydro formed parts with great accuracy.

These machines are not only specialized in cutting metal but a couple of other materials too.

Such as cloth for airbags.

It leaves no fraying while cutting the cloth, unlike conventional processes which use blades.


Silicon is the most important material of PCB’s in semiconductor, microelectronics industries.

As electronic devices are getting more and more compact with each passing day, PCB’s are bound to get smaller.

In such a case, fiber laser cutting machines are ideal to cut thin and delicate material like silicon.

In the end,Textile Industry.

Fabric laser cutting machines are gaining popularity around textile industries these days.

Because of their extreme accuracy, clean cuts, sealed fabric edges.

It prevents fraying and capability to cut different kinds of fabric.

Such as polyester, silk, cotton, leather, nylon and neoprene.

What Is The Difference Between Laser Cutting Machine And Plasma Cutting Machine?-Anne

What is the difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine?

Many customers who have just touched the laser cutting machine when consulting laser cutting equipment,

a laser cutting that is part of the thermal processing and plasma cutting machine that is the same.

May be in the early stage of the purchase of equipment, these two devices are not familiar with,

do not know what kind of processing equipment to buy confused.

Therefore, We make these two cutting equipment to do a comparison,

so that we better understand these two devices.

Plasma cutting machine is a thermal cutting equipment, the main working principle is compressed air as the main body to high temperature and high speed plasma arc as heat source,

will melt cut metal partial, and at the same time with high-speed air flow will melt metal blowing, Forming a narrow slit.

Plasma cutting machine can cut stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, and cutting speed, slit narrow, incision smooth.

Plasma cutting machines are generally used in the construction, installation and maintenance of mechanical and metal structures.

Laser cutting machine is the use of high-power high-density laser beam scanning material surface,

in a very short period of time can  heat to thousands of things or even tens of thousands of degrees Celsius,

the material can melt or vaporize, and then high-pressure gas will melt or blown away other substances are  from the slits.

Laser cutting using the invisible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife,

laser cutting speed, smooth incision, generally do not need post-processing, cutting heat less affected, small deformation plate.

Comparison of the two cutting equipment processing principles, summed up the differences in processing performance in the following areas:

1.Cutting the thickness of the difference, the plasma cutting ability is very strong, able to cut relatively thick metal sheet,
but the accuracy is not high, the speed is not fast,
but also scraping slag, the basic must be secondary processing.
Laser cutting machine only for sheet metal processing, fast, and the accuracy can reach over 0.01mm,
no scraping slag, are basically a molding, no secondary treatment,
but with the laser power is constantly increasing , the current high-power laser Cutting machine can also qualify for the processing of metal plate.
2.The difference in cutting costs, laser cutting equipment, the price is higher than the plasma equipment,
but in the latter part of the processing costs, as well as the cost of recovery than the plasma has an advantage.

Through the above comparison:

I hope everyone on the laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine have a more profound understanding,

hoping to those who have questions on the choice of equipment friends have some help.

Questions of XT Fiber Laser Industry-Tulsa

Questions of XT Fiber Laser Industry-Tulsa

Say hello again! Have a nice weekend!

According to our customer feedback and communicate processing with our customer in fiber laser industry.

Here we have some questions need to share with you.

If you can get these questions, hope it will help you.

No.1 Votage

Because our country standard voltage is 220V, so many customer worried that our machine can’t work in their country.

We have machine input voltage is 110V-120V, can suit other country customer’s demand.

We will send our machine with suit pug and voltage, so that it can work perfect.

For example, we dealed many customer of US, and feedback is good.

No.2 Payment

We have many ways to choose by our customer, for example, TT, Paypal, Credit.

We suggest and most of our customer is choose pay by TT, because it’s very easyto do.

But many customer never do a businesss with foreign company, they are glad to choose Paypal and credit.

Credit is more safe but will cost long time, paypal will need to pay 4% fee.

So we suggest TT if you are not very not trust TT in XT fiber laser industry.

No.3 If we can use and change machine parts easily?

Of course you can, no problem.

Actually, we will send you use manu, software amnu and use video before shippment.

In fact, our machine is very easy to use and control software is very easy too.

You can follow our video and manu to learn how to use it.

Even if you never used it before, you can use it perfect.


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