Why The Need For Laser Marking

There was a time when lasers were just part of science fiction. Most people could not relate to lasers in a practical way. Lasers were something out of Star Wars. It was unrealistic for lasers to be part of everyday life. Obviously that’s changed in the last few decades. It’s hard to keep track of […]


Laser Investing

Is it time to invest in laser stock? According to at least one financial analyst, the answer is “yes”. We talk a lot here about all the things lasers and laser technology bring to our lives. Jamieson Laser has been in the laser business since 1988. Laser engraving, marking and cutting have come a long way […]


Looking Ahead at Lasers

We know that lasers are going to be a part of many growth industries. They already are. As we head into 2014, there are several indications that laser technology and the use of lasers is going to continue to grow. We are hearing from industry experts who say greater power and shorter pulse widths will […]