Co2 laser engraving machine cutting 6mm Plywood-Angelina

Co2 laser engraving machine for cutting 1.An brief introduction of Co2 laser engraving machine Co2 laser engraving machine,as is known to all, could both cut and engrave. Both of these two functions are popular among the market. Besides,there are different types about this machine:600*900,600*400,1300*2500 working area. The customers could choose according to their different needs. Yesterday […]

Laser Marking & Engraving & Cutting Health and Safety – Alex

With the development of laser technology, Laser Marking & Engraving & Cutting have wider and wider application. As for the safety problems, developed countries pay more attention on it. They made many rules for laser machine manufacturing, machine type, warning label etc. But in developing countries, people need pay more attention on laser safety problems. Laser […]