Laser Cutting Machine Technology How To Deal With Burrs?-Anne

Laser Cutting Machine Technology How To Deal With Burrs? Fiber Laser cutting machine processing sheet metal burr what is the reason?Here we give you a simple analysis. The working principle of fiber laser cutting machine, analysis of the resulting burr causes and solutions. First, the focus of the beam position deviation.–fiber-laser-cutting-machine Solution:adjust the focus position, according to […]

Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for new business – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for new business In recent years, laser cutting machine has developed rapidly, especially fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine is a relatively easy to control industrial processing equipment. It has the greatest advantage of fast cutting and high production efficiency. Fiber laser cutting machine is […]

How To Choose Laser Cutting Machine Lens?-Anne

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine lens? Protective lenses, as the name suggests, is used to prevent dust and slag splash, protect the focus lens.-fiber laser cutting machine Other than those used in fiber laser cutting machines. they are also necessary for other laser equipment including laser marking,laser welding and laser engraving . Visible, […]

3D Robot fiber laser cutting machine

3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (2)-Catherine

3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (2) Characteristics of 3D robot fiber laser cutting machine 1. Flexible high, especially suitable for small batch of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting Its high flexibility mainly manifest in two aspects: First, the adaptability of the material is strong, laser cutting machine through the NC program can basically cut any […]